Welcome to WINDA

October 21, 2016

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It’s the end of ARCH’s first week operating WINDA, this is a new online system for registration of Global Wind Organisation certificates which is now in place for wind turbine technicians in Ireland, UK and globally.

Starting 17 October 2016, it is now a requirement that all GWO delegates register a profile in WINDA at winda.globalwindsafety.org WINDA is designed to be a simple and safe way of accessing and verifying GWO training. Registration will enable ARCH to upload records of GWO training course(s) undertaken after 17 October 2017 into WINDA and will mean a change from paper based GWO certificates to digital records of GWO training, that technicians, employers and site managers can view on WINDA. This should be a much easier and more effective process via the online WINDA process.

If you will be attending GWO training or need to access technician records, sign up to WINDA today at winda.globalwindsafety.org or contact ARCH for further information or details of our training courses in Ireland and UK.