March 13, 2020

ARCH is implementing control measures as advised by:……

We are keeping abreast of guidelines that are being issued by our accrediting bodies.

Safety critical training to the energy and telecommunications sector is proceeding at present on a reduced scale until we hear further government / public health guidelines/instructions. 

Persons who have been in a category 1 area are not permitted to attend training and any staff or attendees who feel unwell should isolate immediately.   Potential attendees who are feeling unwell or showing symptoms of COVID19​ are being advised not to travel to attend training with ARCH.

As per our normal procedure, ARCH record the name and contact email of all delegates.  Delegates are being informed that these details will be passed to the public health authority if a person who has previously attended a training course is later diagnosed with COVID19, so that the public health authorities can then trace the delegates if required.

Signage is in place, hand sanitisers are in place and we are undertaking additional cleaning of surfaces and equipment. Social distancing is in place during our training course delivery. ARCH has also implemented changes to the way our first aid and rescue training is delivered.  The following measures are in place:

  1. On arrival delegates complete sign in separate pen and confirm no signs or symptoms of Covid 19;
  2. Delegates are being instructed on the importance of good hygiene and hand washing with soap and water and the safety measures in place during the Covid 19 pandemic;
  3. Hand sanitiser is available;
  4. Wipes are in place at arrival and throughout the classroom and the training area;
  5. Social distancing in the classroom with a separation of 2 metres;
  6. Working at height courses no live rescue, dummy to be used;
  7. Delegates given and use disposable gloves when handling equipment, gloves disposed of at the end of training;
  8. Delegates stay 2 meters apart during training and break times;
  9. Sandwiches brought onto site separately packed;
  10. Separate pen given to each individual;
  11. First aid courses use of mannequins for simulation and wiped down after each use;
  12. First aid – no emergency airway resuscitation when completing CPR training.

ARCH is committed to working with our customers and protecting the health of our staff and customers employees , if you decide to cancel training, please let us know and ARCH will make arrangements to postpone training until a later date.​

Should ARCH cancel training, we will advise our customers at the earliest opportunity.

Take care everyone.