ARCH Data Protection Policy

Data Privacy Notice
ARCH care about the protection of your personal data. By law, we must also inform you about how we process and share personal data about you.
Global Wind Organisation WINDA Data

When registering as a Delegate user of WINDA, you agree to the WINDA Terms and Conditions, that allows certified Training Providers to upload training records to your profile, and allows all registered users to verify your training records by entering your WINDA ID provided to them by you.

By registering as a Delegate user of the WINDA database, you agree to ARCH’s collection and processing of the following personal data:

  • Your private email-address or work email-address
  • Your full name as written in your passport
  • Details of the training completed with ARCH: Your WINDA ID, Course Completion Date, Course Code, Previous Course Expiry Date

As an approved GWO training provider, ARCH is required to maintain the above records of your training that you complete with ARCH.  We will maintain this information in hard and electronic format for 48 months after your assessment date.

Purpose of collecting data

  • For registration purposes in the GWO WINDA database 
  • Audit purposes or defence of legal claims
  • In aggregate and anonymized form to produce statistics and analysis to meet GWO and audit requirements

Sharing of Information

ARCH will share your training records only with you, GWO WINDA or the employer that booked the training course for you.

For further information, please see GWO Data Protection Policy

ARCH Electronic Records

ARCH Electronic Records are managed by Flowlens which is hosted by Heroku Cloud System, see details of Heroku Security Policy