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  • UK Courses – £385 ex VAT per person (VAT charged at 20%)
  • Shannon Airport – €525 per person

Duration – 2 days (16 hours)

Course Overview

Working at Height and Rescue – Wind Turbines training course covers the basic safety and competence required for personnel working at height within a wind turbine. The course applies to both on-shore and off-shore activities.

On completion of training, participants will be able to climb a fixed ladder, use fall protection equipment, understand the hazards, risks and basic rescue techniques associated with working at height in a wind turbine generator.  Participants will be trained to use a constant rate descender for self evacuation and rescue of a colleague.  The training course is approved by the Global Wind Organisation and fully meets the requirements of the the Global Wind Organisation Basic Safety Training Standards Working at Heights Module.Work at height and rescue training at DONG site, Belfast

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  • Group booking dates available on request, contact ARCH for details
  • If dates are not suitable, please contact our office email. or tel. 00 44 28 66326267 for alternative dates

Course Syllabus

  • Risks associated with working at height in wind turbine generators
  • Legislation, regulations, approved codes of practice and best practice for work at height in/on wind turbine generators
  • Planning work – Safe system of work (permits, procedures, tool box talks, risk assessments for work at height activity in wind turbine generators
  • Selection, pre and post use check, and storing of PPE
  • Correct fitting and use of equipment
  • Practical climbing and descending techniques of fixed ladders and use of fall protection systems
  • Conflicting activities, environmental factors and manual handling
  • Basic rescue principles and techniques using a constant rate descender
  • Practical rescue techniques of self and colleague

Instructor:Trainee Ratio


Course Assessment

Practical and written


Global Wind Organisation certificate valid for 2 years from assessment date.

From 17 October 2016, delegates who attend a GWO Training course must create a profile in WINDA in order to get a WINDA ID which they must supply to ARCH prior to completing the training.  

The same WINDA ID follows you through your career in the wind industry and must be used by you for all future GWO training.

The WINDA ID is a unique, random and system generated number which serves as the main Delegate identification. It is therefore important that you always keep your WINDA profile active and up to date and supply employers and Training Providers with your ID when requested.

When you have successfully completed a GWO Training course, ARCH will upload the record of the completed course into WINDA. It is therefore important that you create a profile in WINDA and supply ARCH with your unique ID before you attend a training course from October 17, 2016.

You need to register as a Delegate at (from October 17) via the “Register” option. Choose to be registered in WINDA as a Delegate and fill out the required information.

You must only register for one profile in WINDA. If you have multiple WINDA accounts, the Training Provider will not be able to upload records to each account and your accounts may be closed without warning by GWO.

You can view your own training records in WINDA and print a copy of them.

Any records of training that have been completed prior to October 17, 2016 will not be added to your profile. Therefore, you will still need to present your previous certificate(s) to your employers/site owners until you attend the refresher course which will then be added to your profile in WINDA.

Re-certification Training

Candidates undertaking refresher re-certification training for GWO Working at Heights must undertake training and re-assessment before the expiry date of their current RUK Working at Height & Rescue – Wind Turbines/GWO Working at Heights certificate.  GWO Working at Heights re-certification training and re-assessment is conducted in 1 day (8 hours).

Admission Requirements

Those attending should be medically and physically fit to carry out the practical part of the course and free from medical contra-indications that may prevent them from working safely at height (A list of conditions that could affect practical training and work at height is available on request). Course participants will be required to self-certify their medical and physical fitness before commencement of the course.  Any persons weighing over 136KG should advise ARCH before booking on this course.

Participants should be aged 18 years or over.

From 17 October 2016, participants must supply ARCH with their WINDA ID.

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